Determine the organisational maturity -  

 Initiate stage development

Concrete results and benefits

At the end of this initialization process, the management team has a common understanding of maturity development. The leadership team has a clear picture of where the organization stands in terms of maturity in various dimensions (leadership, employee behavior, organizational and operational structure, management tools, etc.). 

Most managers have many aha-experiences at this point. Many previously unexplained problems become easily understandable all at once.

At the same time, the management team also develops a common understanding to the target maturity. The target maturity is the level that the organisation needs in order to be able to cope well with current and future challenges. 

In a final step, the management team develops a first understanding of the sweet spot. This is the point from which development happens simply and with ease. The sweet spot sets a clear focus on a few highly effective development levers - depending on the situation, these may be organisational hard facts or soft facts or often a mix of both.

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4. Development design based on the results of the initialisation