Determine the organisational maturity -  

 Initiate stage development

Concrete results and benefits

At the end of this initialization process, the management team has a common understanding of maturity development. The leadership team has a clear picture of where the organization stands in terms of maturity in various dimensions (leadership, employee behavior, organizational and operational structure, management tools, etc.). 

Most managers have many aha-experiences at this point. Many previously unexplained problems become easily understandable all at once.

At the same time, the management team also develops a common understanding to the target maturity. The target maturity is the level that the organisation needs in order to be able to cope well with current and future challenges. 

In a final step, the management team develops a first understanding of the sweet spot. This is the point from which development happens simply and with ease. The sweet spot sets a clear focus on a few highly effective development levers - depending on the situation, these may be organisational hard facts or soft facts or often a mix of both.

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Overview of the process

 1. Non-binding initial interview

Your perspective:, the perspective of your organisation

You clarify your individual questions
You get to know Key Steps and one of our consultants personally
You can check whether this first Key Step can be helpful and useful for your organization

The Key Steps perspective

We get to know you, your organisation and your development motivation
We ask for individual needs for the maturity level workshop
We clarify who should be involved in this workshop

 2. Offer "Initiate stage development"

appropriate to your organisational situation

 3. Leadership workshops (2*1/2 day or 1 day)


Determining the actual-target maturity with the Key Steps Method

Complementary elements for identifying current organizational challenges

Detailed evaluation through Key Steps

Theses on current challenges resulting from the maturity profile
First rough description of the sweetspot and Development levers as suggestions

Sweetspot and development lever

The sound evaluations and theses are discussed and further developed
Joint development goals are formulated (target maturity and impact-oriented goals)
Afterwards, the next development steps are determined

4. Development design based on the results of the initialisation