The organisational development method database

A short introduction to step-oriented organisational development

The step-oriented organisational development takes into account the natural developmental logic of people and cultures. Thus, developments succeed simply and naturally.
This article offers you a brief overview of the procedure. 

The comprehensive method database for all stage-oriented organizational developers

The Integral Change methodology database offers a wide range of support to all development consultants who work in a step-oriented manner: 

The questionnaire to determine the organizational maturity and the maturity goal
Several supplementary questionnaires for the diagnostic phase 
Detailed descriptions per stage and line of development (topics: e.g. leadership) 
Various presentations that can be used to explain the stage model in organizations.
For each stage transition per development line various tools including practical examples

You will find the documents in a practical wiki database. You can search by line of development as well as by level and browse through the documents. You can ask questions, make suggestions for improvement and give feedback directly in the Wiki database. 

The stage-oriented method database is also excellently suited as a connecting work and intervention basis for an internal organisational development department. 

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Stage-oriented organisational development

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Overview of the methodological background of the Integral Change methodology database

The method database is the result of Integral Change's 15 years of experience with step development. During this time, Integral Change has continuously developed the methodological foundations and adapted them to new findings.

Development stages according to J. Loevinger: the framework on which all stage descriptions are based 

 The IC stage descriptions 

 the individual development

Ego development, J. Loevinger

Self-development, R. Kegan

Moral development, L. Kohlberg

Action logic, B. Torbert

 The IC stage descriptions  the cultural development

Extensive research by B. Küchler and G. Klein

 The IC level descriptions of the

 organisational development

15 years of experience with stage-oriented development models in organizations supplemented with extensive research on management and OE topics

Integral organisational development 

Current and target map

Details of step by step development

Resource-oriented change procedure