The ego development profile (IE profile)

 - measure individual maturity

Personal benefit

If your personal maturity development is close to your heart, then a well-founded and precise assessment of your current situation is an important first step. The individual stage of development can be determined arbitrarily and precisely with the scientifically best validated stage development model (Ego-Development Model) according to J. Loevinger. 

But the IE-Profile (TM) provides you with even more. Each IE-Profile (TM) is evaluated by a well-founded trained expert. Based on a detailed analysis, this person develops an individual feedback that is tailored to your current development situation. This individual feedback gives you precise indications of the next meaningful development tasks.

We take the protection of your data 
very seriously and treat it confidentially.

This way you will get to your individual profile

 1. order the questionnaire

Order the sentence completion questionnaire (incl. invoice)

 2. submit questionnaire, settle invoice

The creation of the IE-Profile (TM) including debriefing coaching costs Euro 1'250 excl. VAT (Switzerland: conversion into CHF at the daily rate).

 3. arrange debriefing appointment and evaluate questionnaire

Each of her 36 movement additions is compared with a scientifically based manual in a complex detailed work and individually classified. In a second step, your individual feedback is worked out.  You will receive the evaluation of the IE-Profile (TM) after six weeks.

 4. you receive your ego development profile

You will receive your IE-Profil (TM) in the form of a comprehensive report. This report enables you to get a first impression of the Ego-Development-Assessment. At the same time, an experienced Ego-Development Coach, who is familiar with your development topic, will arrange a coaching appointment with you.

 5. the ego-development debriefing

In the debriefing with your Ego-Development Coach you will gain a deeper understanding of your personal development aspects. The coach will help you to work out three to a maximum of five developmental aspects for yourself, which will support you in further developing your maturity.

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We take the protection of your data 
very seriously and treat it confidentially.