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 Development coaching

The individual stages of development

Do you want to develop into a stage-oriented development companion?

This article will give you an overview of the modular principle of our training program.

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We take the protection of your data
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 Basis and first development stage

The individual stage development

Scientific studies show that the personal maturity of the development facilitator has a significant influence on the developmental success of people and organizations. For us, personal development is therefore one of the absolute basics. Here is an overview of the most important steps:

The online training gives you a deeper understanding of the individual and cultural stage development. In addition to the theoretical discussion, you will also deal with your own developmental aspects.
The IE-Profile(TM) shows you very precisely where you stand on your development journey and gives you excellent reference points for your further development.
A coach specially trained with the IE-Profile(TM) supports you in creating your own development plan. 

Stage-oriented development coaching

Egal ob Sie als Organisationsentwickler/in, Coach, Trainer/in, oder Teamentwickler/in arbeiten, dieses Online-Training bietet Ihnen die Gelegenheit, Ihr Changemanagement-Know-how um stufenspezifische Aspekte zu ergänzen. Das, was Sie im Online-Training lernen, setzen Sie aktiv in Ihren Beratungs-Cases um. In Peer-Meetings reflektieren Sie Ihre Erfahrungen und erweitern dabei beständig Ihr Beratungs-Know-how. Ihre gemachten Beratungserfahrungen werden wir im Online-Training aufgreifen und im Kreise der (Ausbildungs-)TeilnehmerInnen besprechen.

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We take the protection of your data 
very seriously and treat it confidentially

 The consulting specific supplements 

Training for stage-oriented organizational development

This training is aimed at:

experienced organizational developers
experienced managers
and experienced consultants

What you learn in online training is actively implemented in your consulting cases. In peer meetings you reflect on your experiences. The consulting experiences are also evaluated in the online training in between.

The training package also includes a professional case supervision with a consultant who has extensive experience in stage-specific organizational development.

Training Stage-oriented management development